Weird kids that we know.  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

 mudkidsphish2003.jpg (38222 bytes)We don't really know these kids but they were at the Phish show in 2003.

 samseyer2003.jpg (24437 bytes) Sammy Seyer

susankellycarolyn.jpg (20585 bytes) Kelly, Joy, Susan, and Carolyn at Susan and Ed's wedding.


weird_Kadeintiedye.jpg (55116 bytes) Heather and her kid, Kade.  Cool tie-dye.

Weird Lehmans: 

weird_maria1.jpg (35264 bytes) Maria weird_nate-and-emma1.jpg (41655 bytes) Emma and Nate.  weird_nate-emma-and-phil1.jpg (26501 bytes) Phil's not a kid, but he is weird.

weird_kerriganhammock.jpg (93791 bytes)Kerrigan in the hammock. weird_dave.jpg (27142 bytes)Dave acting like a weird kid.

weird_jacksonfire.jpg (99304 bytes)Jackson playing with fire.  weird_jacksonwater.jpg (68290 bytes)Jackson playing with water.

weird_rifka.jpg (21707 bytes)Rifka=bathing beauty.weird_rifkabathing.jpg (28119 bytes)

weird_hayden.jpg (33536 bytes)Hayden=monkey.Weird_BriNate.jpg (41375 bytes) Brian and Nate

Weird_Nate.jpg (54694 bytes) Nate on his own and Sam. Weird_SamSwim.jpg (46593 bytes)

 Weird_DJSarah.jpg (40407 bytes) DJ and Sarah