Kitchen project

We worked on the kitchen for a couple of months in early 2004.  It turned out beautifully.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Before we started, this is what the kitchen looked like:  old-kitchen-ne.jpg (74562 bytes) old-kitchen-se.jpg (72268 bytes)

old-kitchen-west.jpg (48985 bytes) The washer and dryer used to sit against the weird island thingy on the left. To the right is the only counter.

old-tornout-cupboards.jpg (57800 bytes) First we ripped the existing cabinets (weren't very many to rip out).

tile-with-green.jpg (88942 bytes) Then we installed all the new cabinets.

alcabinet.jpg (68952 bytes) And the new countertop. festus.jpg (40825 bytes) Festus really liked the new cabinets.

ceiling-start.jpg (53781 bytes) Starting the ceiling tile install. ceiling-done.jpg (41021 bytes) Finishing the ceiling.

After, the kitchen looks like this:

glass-block.jpg (72003 bytes) ooo, glass block.  new-neast.jpg (67394 bytes) new-seast.jpg (61635 bytes) new-swest.jpg (61623 bytes)