Cats.  Click on the thumbnail to see the bigger picture.

 all3onbed.jpg (18525 bytes)All 3 on bed (this is how we sleep every night)

 P7285487.jpg (20301 bytes)Octavia  sylvioindrawer.jpg (13960 bytes) Sylvio in Drawer  Festus.jpg (18226 bytes)Festus

 sylvioinwindow.jpg (10393 bytes) Sylvio in Window catfight.jpg (53280 bytes) Sylvio and Octavia in a stand-off

Festuskitten2.jpg (20498 bytes) Festus as a kitten--what happened? Festuskitten5.jpg (19745 bytes) Festus as a bat

Festusshoulder.jpg (19266 bytes) He was so tiny festus-sleeping.jpg (61659 bytes) Now he takes up the whole couch

firstbuttsniff.jpg (27778 bytes) The other cats don't like Festus muchtave-holiday.jpg (48486 bytes) Octavia doesn't like the baby much either.

Octaviacatnip.jpg (144774 bytes) Octavia rolling in the catnip festusontheedge.jpg (50818 bytes) Festus on the edge.

cats_festuslick.jpg (16868 bytes) cats_festusheadshot.jpg (15879 bytes) Festus is so photogenic.

cats_octhiding.jpg (12775 bytes) Octavia is hiding under the coffee table.  cats_festussylvio.jpg (27621 bytes) Festus is hunting Sylvio.